My Story

My Doctor, “I’m surprised you’re not only not dead, but that you’re thriving.”

That’s how broken my health was. I’d gone from kickboxing four nights a week to not being able to get out of bed for three years. I had lost everything, my job, my girlfriend, my body, my friends, my joys. I was 58 kgs and on the edge of death before I got my rebirth. The only help I had was in the form of distance Reiki sessions, after a cruel turn with antibiotics and the practitioner away on holidays. I begged the Universe for similar support.

I found my help with free online Reiki courses, with every attunement I would have a shift to get the help I needed. A stay in hospital, a trauma counsellor who helped me soothe my at this stage frenetic nervous system. It was a slow climb up, I had to start exercising with 0.1kgs at a time, my body was so wrecked. I built up, during the Reiki I discovered my own ways of healing. After restudying therapies, I began gifting people shifts. It was crazy, people stuck not dating suddenly able to again, one had been three years without meeting one potential guy. One week she met eight new men, the whole month she met thirty! Health issues shifted, career blocks shifted.

Even though I am practiced with NLP and EFT, I discovered that what I naturally did during my healing resurgence could be shared with others and I saw people drop many layers in the way of their true self. I enjoy teaching Conscious Hurting, which can be picked up quite easily with a handful of sessions or workshop.

With each layer that I dropped, my introverted self was shown a path to grow and I took it. Too scared to play guitar in front of my mum let alone in public, I was able to keep going and started doing public performances. I felt the call to run workshops, previously being too scared to talk in groups and jumped out there anyway, carrying and nurturing my fear as I went. It became easier and easier. I led workshops where people would open up about being suicidal and then would get feedback months later saying they no longer feel that way because they were using my Conscious Hurting process. It was astounding how far I’d come and how far I was able to take other people.

I have suffered, consciously and unconsciously – so I get how hard life can be.
Please reach out and let me ease your journey.

Photo by Greg J Boerma.


I love expression through movement, in my spare time I’ll be seen in the elements of body, music and martial arts.
I have spent four years of daily Reiki practices, continuing my journey and am having fun with conscious relating meetups.