The services I provide:

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Cognitive psychologies can struggle with getting into the emotions just by talking, especially those hidden in the subconcious. EFT works by tapping on the meridian points while talking about an issue. The meridian points relate to the energy pathways around the body and tapping can help release the emotion and trauma stored in the body.

What to expect?

We first identify a problem you are struggling with, then tap on the meridian points, as we tap, more aspects of the problem arise as we¬† aim to release the stress around it. EFT is gentle and you don’t need to dig too deep into a problem to start feeling better about it.

Neuro-linguistic Programming

NLP is mind-language coding. It looks at how we see, feel and hear the world, how we interpret reality and offers techniques on how to shift the way we process the world.

What to expect?

We identify a problem you’d like to work through and we talk about what is going on for you with that problem. NLP works by asking questions and digging deeper into what happens when the problem is in force then applying a technique to change the way the mind processes that problem. NLP is very useful for going into childhood wounds, unhealthy beliefs or dealing with phobias.

The Cheat Codes

After so many years working with clients, I identified missing gaps in internal knowledge. Parents don’t always have the capacity to grow their child the best way they can, both mentally and emotionally, those missing gaps are then carried all through life and that causes more struggle in the world. Rather than go deep into therapy, these cheat codes break through barriers and create shifts in a light and positive way.

What to expect?

I speak powerful statements that go straight through resistance with love and real knowing as the driving force. The shifts from the statements are noticeably felt and can resonate and continue to shift the recipient into much higher self value and states of being.


Reiki is an energy healing system that utilises Universal energy to bring the energy of love through the energetic systems of the body. It is a gentle way to release stress and trauma.

What to expect?

Feeling the Universal life energy move through the body is such a pleasurable experience that feeds and nourishes all cells in the body. The energy clears long held pain and offers the comfort of a mother holding a crying baby. I have been attuned for fifteen years and am a Master Teacher in Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. we will bring in infinite sources of energy to support you, the deep loving nature of Reiki energies and I will assist you in opening and clearing the blocks to your energy so you may life a lighter life.