Gavin’s great sense of humor made my first EFT session memorable!

After the first Emotional Freedom Technique session with Gavin, I have never thought a simple EFT would truly light me. EFT woke me in many ways, especially around my heart. I was able to find the source beneath the emotional distress with Gavin’s guidance. My self-awareness increased and I was able to recognize the triggers before it affected me.

With Gavin’s patience and loving energy, I was reconnected with my inner peace immediately. Oh, and it also helped that Gavin had a great sense of humor and uncanny wordsmith because I had a heartfelt laugh like I did not have in a long time. Just like the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine!” It is absolutely true in the case working with Gavin!

Along with Gavin’s ability to put me at ease and made me laugh, I leave the session like a different woman. After the enlightening experience, I registered for an EFT diploma course to become an EFT practitioner! It is pretty obvious that I am blessed to have Gavin in my life.

Mina Reyes

Worked through many emotions

My two sessions with Gavin were extremely helpful. I was able to work through a vast variety of emotions in a short time, which helped lead me to insights that have been important to my own healing path. Gavin is a bright and kind soul who makes you feel very loved, comfortable, and accepted for who and where you are at right now. Tapping is such an effective tool, and he is very good at guiding you through that. Thank you Gavin!

Lisa Fern Sikes

My life will be forever changed

I experienced a powerful timeline therapy session with Gavin, which was truly powerful. Thanks to Gavin’s guidance, I feel like my life will be forever changed, due to the profound insight that I received. I feel like I returned back home to my pure, divine truth, and the wisdom I discovered was such a gift. For that I am so grateful. If you ever cross paths with Gavin, I highly recommend you take the time to work with him.

Jayne Martin

Massive Shift to Joy

I had a session with Gavin today. He was well prepared for my session with his expertise, patience, his experiences and compassion. Also had profound strength in creating a safe and confidential space for me to let go of what has no bearing on my present life and future. Gavin assisted me in letting go of past experiences that were upsetting and hindering me moving forward on a daily basis. Thus allowing myself to feel more love for myself and that I was not to be blamed nor shamed. That I am significant loved and supported and I also have to take control of my life!
I Highly recommend a session with Gavin and I personally will be recommending friends to him.

Sally B

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